Utah Has Lowest Gas Prices In Nation – January 2013

We’ve always told others how much we love living in Utah, including recently when we highlighted why Utah is such a great place to do business in. There are plenty more reasons why people love Utah including four distinct seasons generally with mild winters (in the valleys of the North) and hot dry summers. The North also offers a wide variety of outdoor sports both in the Winter and Summer. Further, Utah consistently does well in rankings of best place to raise a family and safe communities. There’s now another reason that, in our opinion, makes Utah a great place to live.

This past week it was noted by the Deseret News that Utah currently has the lowest gas prices in the nation. Average prices this week reached as low at $2.90 a gallon (we’ve since seen it as low as $2.65!) which is a whopping .50 cents lower than just a month ago and down from summer highs that saw gas in the $3.60+/gallon range. While undoubtedly gas prices will go up over the course of the year gas prices aren’t forecasted to be as high as last year’s prices.  So while Utah’s cost of living has always been low in comparison to other states across the nation, at least for now, Utah can also boast the lowest gas prices in the nation to help put a few more dollars into the budget!

Picture courtesy of AAA. Utah was actually $2.90 recently and narrowly edged out Wyoming.